1. Prague Feminist Tours - Feminist Guided Walks

One-of-a-kind walking tours designed to (re)discover Prague from a unique perspective: a journey that goes beyond the typical tourist attractions. Witness the feminists' legacy in the public space, secret passages, and uncover the city's untold herstory.

2. Bodacious Betty - Burlesque Performer, Workshop Leader, Private Classes

Betty's got a big booty, and knows how to use it! You can expect Betty's performances to be, above else, pure fun. She is eager to share her magnetic smile and confidence with the audience whether its an event performance, private party, private lessons or a workshop.

 3. Rebeca Ivanka - Plant Workshops | Events | Corporate events l Plant & Floral ambience

Step into the world of nature-inspired bliss with a business is rooted in a deep passion for nature and the profound connection it brings to our lives. Rebeca offers a wide range of services designed to help you immerse yourself in the beauty of the natural world and create memorable experiences

 4. Starlight Theatre & Arts Workshops  - "To nurture artistic talent and foster a sense of community"

We cater for an eclectic range of programs to a variety of interests, featuring dynamic theatre workshops, immersive art and engaging family-oriented sessions. Come unleash your imagination in painting and sculpture, or craft intricate pieces in specialities like embroidery and jewellery-making.