Dear Ladies Podcast

With Ashley

Welcome to the Dear Ladies Podcast with Ashley where we dive deep into the joys and challenges of being a woman, especially an expat woman. Each week Ashley meets with guests and discusses the various topics that are essential in making sure your expat life feels likes home. Dear ladies, you are never alone, this is your podcast, our podcast, our own circle of sisterhood.

We have new Youtube channel Dear Ladies Network where you can watch episodes and other past events.

Our Guests 

Our podcast showcases a wide range of guests hailing from diverse professional backgrounds and possessing various areas of expertise. We delve into topics that hold significant interest and sensitivity among women, particularly expat women. Our aim is to provide relatable, authentic stories and valuable insights that offer a deeper understanding of the lives of expat women in Prague. 

Our guests have included attorneys, immigration agencies, and non-governmental organizations dedicated to supporting expats residing in the Czech Republic, among others. We invite you to tune in to our podcast for an enriching experience.

Past Featured Guests