What Makes Our Events Different?

Experience the perfect blend of structured and social events through our exceptional offerings. Our meticulously curated structured events and workshops are designed with the everyday woman in mind – high quality and affordable. 

Even though most institutions offer some of the workshops, they tend to cater primarily to corporations and high-income individuals due to the high costs that an average earning woman cannot afford.  What sets us apart is that our events are accessible to all, addressing the barriers of exorbitant prices and inconvenient scheduling. We've specifically chosen Sunday afternoons, ensuring you can enjoy your weekends while still having the opportunity to attend, even if you work Monday to Saturday.

We pride ourselves on promoting the businesses and hustles of our members. As such, they receive priority invitations to be guest speakers at our events. In addition, we extend invitations to outside guests who have made significant contributions and left a lasting impact in their respective fields. By providing a platform for these influential individuals, we offer our members unparalleled opportunities to learn and network with inspiring personalities.

Our social events are crafted to foster connections and interactions on a more personal level. Whether it's an after-work meet and drinks, karaoke night, city tour, weekend retreat, BBQ, or picnic, these events are guaranteed to cultivate lasting friendships. Moreover, they are filled with excitement and joy, ensuring a fun-filled experience for all participants.

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Navigating Narcissistic Relationships :With Mental Health Counselor Dana Hernández Kocková  

Date: 23 March 2024, between 11:00-1:00pm
 To Be Announced

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