Bodacious Betty

Burlesque Performer, Workshop Leader, Private Classes

Bodacious Betty
Bodacious Betty

Bodacious Betty is from the Midwest of the USA and came to Prague in 2021. Since then, Betty has put her own unique spin on the Prague burlesque scene and brings her uniquely charismatic and energetic style to every performance.

Betty's got a big booty, and knows how to use it! You can expect Betty's performances to be, above else, pure fun. She doesn't take herself too seriously, and is eager to share her magnetic smile and confidence with the audience.

What Betty loves about performing burlesque is seeing other women light up when they see themselves represented on stage. Betty is joyfully plus-sized, which is not something people see every day. Her act of rebellion against the unrealistic pressures of society is simply by living joyfully in her plus-sized body, and sharing that joy with others at every chance she gets.

What Betty Offers:

  1. Event Performance: You can hire Betty to perform in your next burlesque, cabaret, or variety show. She has 4 acts to choose from (with more coming soon!), ranging from mysterious, to glamorous, to comedy, to rock 'n roll.
  2. Private Party : Betty will bring your next birthday, anniversary, ladies' weekend, divorce party, or hen party to the next level with a private performance. At this time, Betty is only accepting private performance opportunities hosted by and primarily attended by women.
  3. Private Lessons: Interested in a private lesson with Bodacious Betty? At a private lesson with Betty you'll learn some building blocks of burlesque: sexy walks, posing, and a few classic moves. Betty will also lead you through a few exercises to help you find your inner joy and power, and unleash the confidence to express it in your daily life.
  4. Workshops: Betty also leads workshops and courses! Check out her upcoming course here 

If you have an upcoming event, conference, festival, or a group of women looking for something unique to do, Betty can customize a workshop for your needs. Her main focus is body confidence and joy, but can incorporate a variety of topics and activities such as:

Betty loves to collaborate and is open to creative ideas. So if you're curious, please get in touch!

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