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Dearest Queen, 

Look at you being brave and going after all the things you want! You are already living in a foreign country and that in itself, is a brave thing to do. You took a chance and this is where you are now. Everything that happened in your life prior to this point, you've handled. I am proud of you for waking up every day and trying no matter how hard it gets. You should be too. Look how far you've come. You are strong and brave. 

Life is about taking risks.  So that new relationship, new job, new business venture, new country, new experience, or whatever move you are scared of making, you will never know if it is the right one until you give it a proper chance and pour your heart into it. If it doesn't work out at least you will have peace of mind knowing you gave it your all because living your life thinking about what you could have done is a horrible feeling.

In your journey, be selfish enough to let go of anything or anyone who doesn't add happiness, joy, love, success or any kind of value to you. It's not harsh but it's self care,learning to put your needs first.

Remember to be confident with who you are as a person. Not from your title, your job or material things but feeling good from within, trusting your intuition and doing whatever makes you genuinely happy. Always prioritize your peace 

Now find the courage and inspiration you need to make the next move and once you do, pour your heart into it and JUST DO IT. 

Why Join Dear Ladies Network?

1. We a network designed to connect with like-minded expat women, so they never feel alone in a foreign country,

2. Our events and meetups are tailored towards both your personal and professional growth.

3. The array of diversity allows the enrichment of cultural exchanges

4. Become a part of a tribe that makes it easier to make new friends who are there to support you.

5. Access to our members database expertise which can help you find someone with the skills you need to achieve your goals.

6. Discounted prices to attend our community events and seminars to enrich your knowledge

7. Promote yourself or your business through our "Member Spotlight Series". 

8. Attend our social events with fun activities for brainstorming and team building purposes.

9. Get priority access to events

10. An opportuinity to have DLN create, promote and organize an event on your behalf if you have expertise in a certain area.

11. Receive our monthly newsletter

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There are two simple steps to join

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