Presenting A Dear Ladies Network

Multicultural Christmas Celebration!

Clebrating Together With Fun, Non-religious Activities

Christmas is a time to celebrate together with family, friends, wonderful festive food, uplifting carols, too much tinsel and a spirit of joy. However, there are two things to note:

  1. Living abroad has robbed some of us that opportunity to be with our loved ones during such a special time;
  2. Our community is very diverse and it can be easy to assume everyone celebrates Christmas - celebrating diversity and inclusiveness means including everyone in the festive celebration and respecting their differences and common traditions.

And so, this festive season, Dear Ladies Network is presenting everyone an opportunity to learn about the traditions and beliefs of others or their country of origins with a blended celebration for all backgrounds. 

Celebrating With A Cultural Feast!

Now, we all know food is a major part of any festive celebration, therefore we also invite every participant to share their traditional meal around a brightly decorated table. At home, prepare a favourite dish from your country/culture and come share with others, maybe say something about it or its preparation.

Anticipate networking with people from diverse backgrounds through these questions:

  1. What is a song from your language or culture that you grew up singing at Christmas time?
  2. How did you celebrate Christmas in your birth country (if you do)?
  3. What's something about your country/culture that people might not know?
  4. What fun activities did you do around christmas time?
  5. What are some of your favourite songs/dances from your country?

Other Activities:

  • Live gig music performance by Irene Antonez.
  • Two stand-up comedians to make us laugh.
  • Tarot card reading

The whole idea is to have good time, enjoy different dishes and drink some wine (or any other drink of choice) whilst celebrating being you and your culture shamelessy!

Come have fun and network with other expat and local women as we end the year in Prague.


Where : Prague 1 - Old Town (exact location to be shared after payment)

When : 16 December 2023

Time : 13:30 - 17:30

Fee: 549 kc (pay to Dear Ladies Network ACCOUNT NUMBER 1662317001/2700 or use the QR code then fill in your details in the form)

NOTE: Upload the QR code to your bank app after choosing "Pay Via QR code"

NB: fees are non-refundable if you cannot attend but you are allowed to re-sell your spot to someone else.
NB: fees are non-refundable if you cannot attend but you are allowed to re-sell your spot to someone else.