Irene Antonez 

Artist & Musician

Profession: Artist, Art Teacher, Illustrator, Musician, Songwriter

Artistic Genres: Botanical, Surreal, and Psychedelic Art

Musical Genres: pop, rock, soul, soft rock, indie, Latin - American music, and more in 7 languages.

About Irene:

Irene Antonez is a versatile artist, renowned for her captivating artworks that transcend boundaries. Her mastery extends across various genres, with a primary focus on botanical, surreal, and psychedelic art. She's a dynamic performer, singer, and songwriter who brings an exceptional blend of music to your event. Her versatile talents are sure to leave a lasting impression on your audience.

Services Offered

  1. Microscopic Art Workshops and Exhibitions: Engage your imagination and explore the microscopic world with Irene's workshops, suitable for both children and adults where she showcases her latest creations and thought-provoking pieces.
  2. Art Shop & Studio Visits: Visit Irene's art studio and browse her collection, where you can immerse yourself in a world of creativity and inspiration.
  3. Custom and Mural Art: Elevate your space with custom art created to your unique vision. Irene specializes in bringing your ideas to life on canvas.
  4. Art Lectures: Attend her art lectures and gain insight into the creative process and the stories behind her masterpieces.
  5. Animations: Experience the magic of art in motion with Irena's captivating animations. Her work comes to life in dynamic and imaginative ways.
  6. Art for Festivals: Irena contributes her artistic brilliance to festivals and events, making them more colorful and memorable with her unique artworks.
  7. Music For Your Event: Invite Irene to your event and let her musical prowess create an unforgettable experience for your audience. Her multi-lingual repertoire and genre-spanning talents make her the perfect choice for a diverse range of occasions.

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