Dear Ladies Network is a dedicated platform designed to empower expat women by offering valuable opportunities for growth in business, career, and personal development through biweekkly events. We recognize that being an expat can present unique challenges and feelings of isolation. 

Our primary objective is to support women in establishing thriving, lasting, and mutually beneficial relationships that foster meaningful connections and a continuous flow of referrals. Leveraging our extensive member database, we facilitate the sharing of diverse skill sets among our members, enabling them to expand their networks and seize promising prospects.

In addition, we actively promote small and medium businesses expat businesses, those owned by women, as well as local businesses who offer English speaking services by providing them with a dedicated platform to effectively market themselves and reach a highly receptive target audience. By creating a space where businesses can connect and network with one another, we facilitate valuable opportunities for collaboration and professional growth among our members and the community at large.

"A Perfect Gateway To Building Authentic Relationships Abroad And Finding Support From Other Women In Various Stages Of Their Profession"

Who Can Join Dear Ladies Network Club? 

1. Women who need inspiration to find their path.
2. Women who need support to turn their business ideas into businesses.
3. Working women who wish to take their careers further.
4. Established, professional women in business who desire to take their sales and profits to the next level.

While our primary focus at Dear Ladies Network is to provide support for expat women, we are also open to welcoming non-expat women, as well as locals who are married to expats. We recognize the importance of inclusivity and embrace the diversity of our membership, with a notable percentage of Czech locals among our esteemed members. 

By fostering a vibrant community of women from various backgrounds, we strive to create an enriching and inclusive environment for all.


The "Dear Ladies Podcast with Ashley" engages one-on-one conversations that delve deep into the authentic experiences of our members as they navigate life abroad, women in business, and leadership. Through these raw and real stories, we empower our listeners to pursue their dreams with renewed inspiration.

Moreover, the podcast also features a diverse range of experts from various fields, offering valuable information to simplify the lives of expats residing in the Czech Republic. These experts include immigration agencies providing crucial insights on bureaucracy, real estate lawyers who guide you through the process of finding an apartment in Prague and highlight key considerations, cultural experts shedding light on potential culture shocks to anticipate, state-run NGOs specializing in adaptation courses for expats, and many more informative voices.

Tune in to our podcast, where you'll find a wealth of knowledge and firsthand experiences that will equip you with the tools and understanding necessary to thrive in your expat journey.


Do not miss an event! Join us and seize the chance to showcase your presence, express your thoughts, and absorb inspiration from a vibrant community of women dedicated to inspiring and empowering one another. As you engage with like-minded individuals, you'll also have the chance to forge new friendships along the way.

With a focus on fostering intimate connections, our networking events are limited to a maximum of 25-30 participants. On the other hand, our social events have no attendee limit, providing ample opportunities to mingle and enjoy the company of fellow members.

Take this opportunity to be part of a supportive network that is ready to uplift and motivate you.

Upcoming event | From Memory To Memoir

Date: 18 February 2024, 14:00 - 16:00 hrs

Venue:, Umelecka 4,  Prague 7


If you an expat in Czech Republic and struggling with the language barrier you've probably heard or evene used the sentence "I am looking for an English-speaking .....". Sadly, this is the reality of expats in trying to find businesses who are accommodative of non Czech speakers. Yes, we should be learning Czech and most expats are but it is not aneasy language and even if you do speak Czech, there is so much far it can take you before running out,

As a community for expat women, we have taken the initiative to create an expat friendly business directory for not only women but all expats living or planning to move to the Czech Republic. This will be a one stop for anyone in search of products or services to be able to browse through our catalogue and pick the business they would like to work with.

Once completed, the directory will be visible on our website with featured companies shown on our homepage. Be the first to list your business and grab the amazing benefits that come with it.