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Sue (Independent consultant for Vorwerk, Thermomix division)
Sue (Independent consultant for Vorwerk, Thermomix division)

Welcome to a culinary experience tailored just for you! 

Whether you're a busy single seeking inspiration for quick, healthy meals, a couple yearning for a variety without spending hours in the kitchen, a mom juggling family time, or a professional on the go tired of eating out all the time – Thermomix brings you thousands of options and makes your culinary dreams a reality.

My personal discovery of the magic within Thermomix sparked an instant transformation from a clumsy cook to a passionate kitchen enthusiast. Now, I'm eager to share this culinary joy with others.

If you're intrigued to witness the wonders of Thermomix in action and want to embark on a culinary adventure, it would be my pleasure to make it happen!


  1. Free Personalized Culinary Demos: Explore fast, healthy meal ideas and introduce variety into your routine without spending excessive time in the kitchen. Enjoy a personalized demo crafted to meet your unique needs.
  2. Fun Cooking Sessions for You and Your Friends: If you're keen on hosting Thermomix cooking sessions at home with your friends, I'm here to assist. Let's plan a relaxed and enjoyable cooking gathering in the comfort of your own kitchen.
  3. Thermomix Sales: Try for free before you buy. Enjoy exceptional after sales customer service.
  4. Continuous Support: For those desiring the joy of homemade meals without sacrificing precious time, I offer ongoing support. Benefit from time-saving tips and efficient cooking techniques to enhance your culinary skills and streamline your kitchen experience.

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