Fitness for Mothers in Prague

Chantelle Tuma Founder & CEO
Chantelle Tuma Founder & CEO

Mothergood is a dedicated fitness community with a deep passion for supporting women through their pregnancy, postpartum journey, and beyond. Our mission is clear and unwavering: to help women not just survive but thrive throughout every stage of their motherhood journey. We accomplish this by offering specially designed fitness classes that help women build strength and recover safely and effectively.

Our Offerings:

Fitness Classes: Mothergood provides a range of fitness classes designed to meet the unique needs of women during pregnancy, postpartum, and beyond. Our experienced trainers and coaches ensure that every session is safe, effective, and tailored to individual requirements.

Structured Events: Beyond fitness, Mothergood offers structured events led by experts in various fields. These events aim to support the overall wellness and development of both mother and child, fostering a holistic approach to motherhood.

Join Us:

Whether you're expecting, a new mother, or navigating the unique challenges of motherhood, Mothergood is here to support you on your journey. Come and experience our empowering fitness classes and enriching events. Thrive with us throughout your motherhood journey.

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