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Mariko, Culinary Host and Celebrity Chef
Mariko, Culinary Host and Celebrity Chef

Are you ready to elevate your culinary journey to unparalleled heights? Welcome to Mariko Presents, hosted by Mariko Amekodommo, a renowned celebrity chef and international culinary expert. 

With a clientele that includes Hollywood luminaries such as Diddy, Jared Leto, and David Lynch, global brands like Airbnb, Lincoln Motors, and Dole Foods, as well as corporate giants Beats by Dre, Danone, and Sap Concur, Mariko has established herself as a trailblazer in the culinary world.

What Makes Mariko Different?

  1. Global Experience: Originally launched in Los Angeles in 2008, Mariko Presents expanded its culinary footprint across SE Asia, China, India, and currently Europe bringing her unique culinary vision to diverse cultures, creating experiences that resonate globally.
  2. Unique Blend of Expertise: Mariko's culinary are a mixture of diverse background and through private coaching during extensive world travels. In addition, her corporate background in marketing and project management adds a strategic edge to the creation of unforgettable culinary events.
  3. Connecting People Through Gastronomy: Mariko Presents believes in the power of food to connect people and cultures by seamlessly integrating her culinary mastery and marketing acumen to curate events that go beyond the palate, forging connections, and creating lasting memories.

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