Kata Mathe

Low Pressure Fitness Coach

Kata Mathe - Low Pressure Fitness Coach
Kata Mathe - Low Pressure Fitness Coach

Kata is a devoted Low Pressure Fitness coach who transitioned from a corporate career to pursue her true passion: fitness. Her dedication lies in helping individuals regain pelvic floor and back health. She empowers women every day by demonstrating how training can significantly enhance overall health and create a youthful look and feel. Kata firmly believes that irrespective of age, everyone can discover an enjoyable path to fitness, feeling incredible within their bodies.

Low Pressure Fitness:

  • Benefits:
    • Toned deep core and a smaller waist
    • Stronger pelvic floor, reducing incontinence or prolapse symptoms
    • Decreased back pain and improved posture
  • Origin and Use: Originating from Spain, this method is recommended by gynecologists and physiotherapists, especially for women post-birth and during menopause, to restore pelvic floor health. It's also utilized by bikini competitors to achieve an hourglass figure.

Accessibility: Suitable for individuals of any age or fitness level, Low Pressure Fitness is a gentle yet effective training method. Perfect for beginners, it targets the 'corset ab' (transverse abdominis), challenging to train with traditional exercises.

Services Offered:

  • Private and group sessions available both in-person and online live for Low Pressure Fitness/Hypopressive classes.
  • Subscription access to on-demand video Low Pressure Fitness/Hypopressive classes.
  • Conducts workshops and organizes weekend retreats.

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