Jenny N. Wilde

Yoga and Mindfulness Instructor

Jenny N. Wilde, Yoga & Mindfulness Instructor
Jenny N. Wilde, Yoga & Mindfulness Instructor

Jenny N. Wilde, a dedicated yoga and mindfulness teacher originally from the UK, has brought her expertise to Prague for over 11 years. With more than two decades of personal yoga practice and over seven years of teaching experience, Jenny is committed to sharing the transformative power of mindfulness and yoga with others.

Journey to Mindfulness: 

Jenny's mindfulness journey began in 2017 when she embarked on her first mindfulness course, which had a profoundly positive impact on her life. In 2021, she pursued formal training to become a mindfulness teacher, enabling her to guide others in their own mindfulness exploration. Her true passion lies in helping individuals discover the potential of mindfulness and yoga to bring greater peace, presence, playfulness, and joy into their everyday lives.

Jenny Offers:

  • Group Classes and Workshops: Jenny conducts group yoga and mindfulness classes and workshops for both companies and individuals in Prague and online.
  • 1-1 Coaching: Personalized mindfulness coaching for managing anxiety, depression, or reconnecting with the joy of life.
  • Office-Based Yoga: Tailored yoga sessions for companies, fostering well-being and productivity.
  • Life-Changing Workshops: Empowering workshops focused on stress management and burnout prevention.
  • Specialized Support for Women: Compassionate assistance for women facing challenges related to conception or pregnancy loss, drawing from Jenny's personal experiences.

Client Transformations: Clients who have worked with Jenny report remarkable improvements in their well-being, including enhanced presence and focus, better physical health, heightened motivation, and a renewed sense of purpose.

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