Ides Van der Does 

Financial Advisor For Expats

Ides Van der Does, Financial Advisor For Expats
Ides Van der Does, Financial Advisor For Expats

Are you an expat in the Czech Republic seeking expert guidance on personal finance? Meet Ides Van der Does, your dedicated financial consultant specializing in providing tailored advice to fellow expats. Ides is enthusiastic about spreading financial literacy, empowering you to make informed decisions for a healthier financial future and can represent people at banks and institutions which have been vetted to be reliable and offer good deals in the Czech Republic. 

Services Offered:

  • Personal Finance Advice: Benefit from personalized financial guidance to manage your finances efficiently and make informed decisions.
  • Investment Consultation: Explore smart investment options tailored to your unique situation, ensuring flexibility if you ever relocate from the Czech Republic.
  • Private Pension Setup: Plan for your future with assistance in setting up a private pension, securing your financial well-being.
  • Insurance Solutions: From life insurance to travel insurance and even coverage for your tractor if you work on a farm, Ides can arrange various insurance plans to meet your needs.
  • Mortgages and Trust Funds: Seek advice on mortgages and explore trust fund options for your children's future.

Why Choose Ides Van der Does:

  • Expert financial consultant catering to expats.
  • Representation with vetted banks and financial institutions in the Czech Republic.
  • Passionate about spreading financial literacy and ensuring clients' financial health.

Languages Spoken: Ides is fluent in native English and Dutch, and can engage in small talk in Italian and German.

Contact Ides

+420 608 837 193