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Sarah Siegert, Friendship Coach
Sarah Siegert, Friendship Coach

Learn how to make friends and maintain healthy friendships with Sarah's industry leading friendship coaching program. She is the only friendship coach who offers personalized 1:1 coaching to expats who feel lonely and isolated abroad. Through personal experience and professional skills, she created a simple 3 step process that teaches you all the tools, skills and knowledge you need to create deep and long-lasting friendships.


Sarah is a friendship coach for expats who knows exactly how lonely it can be when you live abroad without having any friends. With over 10 years of experience in empowering people to create their dream lives and having coached more than 50 expats in creating healthy and meaningful friendships, she is an expert in friendships AND expats. Sarah's mission is to fight the loneliness so many expats are experiencing by helping them to create true and meaningful connection in their lives.


Sarah moved from Germany to England in 2018. She had no friends and spiralled into a life of loneliness and social isolation that led to countless arguments with her partner, bad performance at work and even a plan to move back to Germany. Then she decided to change - Over months she learnt everything she could about friendships, loneliness and our human brain. She applied all of her learnings to her own life and created wonderful friendships that she is maintaining to this day.


  • CONNECTED ABROAD: 6 months coaching program with weekly 1 hour one to one coaching sessions, unlimited access to written coaching in between sessions, recording of sessions, personalized action plan and support
  • FRIENDSHIP POWER HOUR: 1 hour one to one coaching sessions, recording of sessions, personalized action plan and support (you can book as many sessions as you like)

What you'll learn:

  1. Accept and love yourself: You can only create healthy friendships when you have a healthy relationship with yourself. Sarah will help you to accept yourself for who you are and love every single thing about you. All of her clients said they felt completely at peace and in full acceptance with themselves after working with her.
  2. Connect with your ideal friends: Stop wasting time meeting people who aren't for you – instead, learn who your ideal friends are, where you can find them and how you can connect with them without it being awkward or getting ghosted while navigating a language barrier and cultural differences.
  3. Build deep & healthy friendships: We don't want superficial acquaintances – we want real friends! Learn how to build meaningful and deep connections: from feeling safe enough to open up and be vulnerable to setting boundaries and making time for friendships despite a busy schedule – Sarah has got you!

Why choose Sarah?
Because Sarah is the ONLY friendship coach for expats, she specializes in helping people like you create a social life of their dreams.


Joanna: I'm so grateful to have worked with Sarah. Her calming and caring presence helped me feel safe to share my feelings. I felt heard the entire time working with her. I love how simple and easy her approach to improving my friendships is. I feel confident about making and maintaining long-term friendships after working together. I highly recommend Sarah! Thank you Sarah :)

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