Let's Collaborate!

Dear Ladies Network hosts a diverse array of events and workshops every fortnight, fostering collaboration with women who share our commitment to empowering one another. 

Our event lineup offers a wide spectrum, encompassing workshops for personal growth, professional growth seminars, fitness activities, culinary adventures, fashion explorations, and even creative handcraft sessions. 

Additionally, we invite you to join us on our podcast, the Dear Ladies Podcast, where we welcome opportunities for collaboration on episodes.

Past Collaborations:


  1. Prague Yoga Collective
  2. Prague Training Academy
  3. Prague Integration
  4. Integrační Centrum Praha
  5. Koubíková Legal

  6. Mothergood.cz

  7. Femme Palette


  1. Diana Masopust - Businesswoman and BNI National Director - Czech Republic
  2. Lucie Janauer - Czech Republic Momprenuer of the year, 2022, CEO at Monkey Mum. 
  3. Katerina Bendova - Independent Financial Advisor
  4. Mariko Presets - Culinary Host and Celebrity Chef
  5. Hale Doganci - Global Talent Acquisition Capability Manager at Accenture, A Career Coach, Mentor and Speaker.
  6. Kathlyn Chua, a Copywriter & Ghostwriter , CV Consultant & Writer.
  7. Apa Gupta - Business Design Strategist
  8. Stephanie Cohen - Business English Communication & Professional Development Coach.
  9. Kate Hansen - Communication and Public Speaking Coach
  10. Valerija Gerfanova - Certified Nutritionist 
  11. Kara Regas - Boundaries Coach  
  12.  Marija Samardjioska - Holistic Life Coach 

Ready To Collaborate? 

Read the collaboration terms and conditions below then fill out the contact form. We will get back to you..

Our Collaboration Terms and Conditions

  1. Collaborators must be registered in our one stop expat friendly business directory..  
  2. Dear Ladies Network remains the primary host, as a collaborator you come in the capacity of a "guest".
  3.  Dear Ladies Network organizes, promotes and finds the venue for the event, as a collaborator you only share the event poster and/or collaborate on an IG post.
  4.  We are proving collaborators with a platform and an audience, depending on the type of collaboration, the event in question and costs associated with it, we can discuss compensation with the collaborators, privately. 
  5. Submission of callaboratiion form does not automatically mean we will collaborate with you. 
  6.  Collaborations are a great way to give exposure to your business or service because attendees may likey become your future clients and also refer you to others. It is a way to let your business known, in detail, to the expat community,
  7.  Pro - tip: giving discount vouchers to attendees at the event guarantees you customers because it is the perfect audience - the customer came to the event for you.
  8.  For more questions, do not hesitate to reach out to us at info@dearladiesnet.com