Carmen Torrecillas

Independent Financial Consultant

Carmen Torrecillas, Independent Financial Consultant
Carmen Torrecillas, Independent Financial Consultant

Hello! I'm Carmen, a seasoned financial professional originally from Spain and currently based in the Czech Republic for over six years. With a wealth of experience in the financial field, I've been dedicated to assisting both locals and expatriates in achieving their financial goals and aspirations.


I specialize in providing comprehensive financial advice across various domains, including:

Insurance Solutions

  •  Life insurance
  • Auto insurance
  • Home insurance

Mortgages, Loans, and Refinancing:

  • Assisting clients in securing optimal mortgage plans
  • Offering advice on loans and refinancing options

Investments and Savings:

  • Strategic investment planning
  • Building savings for future financial security

Future Planning:

  • Developing personalized financial plans for long-term goals
  • Advising on strategies for achieving financial independence

Client Success:

With a client base exceeding a hundred individuals, I take pride in helping them acquire properties, safeguard their income and wealth, initiate successful investments, and overcome the challenges of inflation. The ultimate goal is not just financial success but also the creation of robust plans that lead to lasting financial independence and freedom.

Continuous Improvement:

I am committed to staying at the forefront of the financial industry. Constantly enhancing my technical expertise and refining interpersonal skills ensures that I provide clients with top-notch service and access to the best deals in the ever-evolving financial market.

Whether you're a local resident or an expatriate, let's embark on a journey towards financial success together. 

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