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Holistic Esthetician, Gua Sha massage Therapy 

Adéla, Holistic Esthetician and Gua Sha Massage Therapist
Adéla, Holistic Esthetician and Gua Sha Massage Therapist

Meet Adéla, a holistic esthetician and Gua Sha massage therapist at BeLovely Beauty Salon.  She is dedicated to a holistic approach to health and beauty, drawing from extensive studies both abroad and in the Czech Republic. 

Her expertise spans Homeopathic and Ayurvedic medicine, holistic cosmetic treatments, and the production of organic cosmetics. With a firm belief that beautiful and healthy skin reflects inner well-being, lifestyle, diet, and mental balance, Adéla is committed to enhancing your skincare journey.

Navigating the realm of daily skincare is vital, and Adéla is here to guide you in selecting appropriate products while offering holistic treatments featuring the certified natural Italian brand, TEAM DR JOSEPH.

Our Treatments:

The holistic treatments provided by TEAM DR JOSEPH are tailored to individual skin needs. These treatments seamlessly integrate manual massage techniques, lymphatic stimulation, biodynamic lifting, herbal pouch massages, facial cupping, and more. 

Going beyond surface-level care, these holistic facial treatments bring balance to skin metabolism, soothe the nervous system, relax facial expressions, normalize skin microcirculation, and deliver visible and enduring results. 

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Trust Adéla to elevate your skincare routine with a holistic touch and the proven excellence of TEAM DR JOSEPH.

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