Michaela Šrámová

Energy Coaching & Psychic Healing

Michaela Šrámová, Energy Coach and Psychic Healer
Michaela Šrámová, Energy Coach and Psychic Healer

If you are on a search for inner balance and holistic well-being you are in luck because Michaela Šrámová is your trusted guide on the path to self-discovery and healing. Michaela specializes in energy coaching and psychic healings, with a focus on women and stress management. She is the driving force behind "Awaken with Michaela," which is dedicated to empowering busy modern women to unwind, uplift, and enlighten their lives.

Services Offered:

  • Energy Coaching
  • Psychic Healings
  • Stress Management
  • 1:1 Sessions
  • Online Energy Tools
  • Guided Meditations

Experience the profound impact of energy coaching and psychic healing with Michaela and start your journey toward a more balanced and enlightened life.

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