Karina Bolan

Yoga and Meditation Instructor

Karina Bolan, Yoga & Meditation Instructor
Karina Bolan, Yoga & Meditation Instructor

Karina offers warm and welcoming yoga classes, open to all levels of
practitioners, from beginners to advanced. Originally from England,
she has been teaching yoga and meditation in Prague since 2010, and
specializes in creating inclusive and personalised classes where each
student feels taken care of. Exploring the ancient yogic traditions in a modern context, Karina's classes go far beyond the mat, and touch students' lives on many levels. 

As a trained yoga therapist, Karina helps students find freedom from the pain and stresses of modern life, and sprinkle a little magic into their everyday lives  

Services Offered:

  • Group Classes and Workshops: Karina offers a variety of group classes and workshops, both in-studio and online, designed to cater to practitioners of all levels.

  • Weekend Yoga and Wellness Retreats: Join Karina for rejuvenating retreats that combine yoga, mindfulness, and well-being in a peaceful and serene setting.

  • Individual Yoga Therapy Classes: Experience personalized yoga therapy sessions to address your unique physical and emotional needs.

Student Feedback:

  • "Thank you, Karina!! Once again, you saw right into my heart and mind and knew just what I needed." - C
  • "I have been dealing with awful shoulder pain for two months, and nothing helps. One class with you, and the pain is gone with the wind and the breath of your words!" - S
  • "Karina makes yoga accessible to everyone! There is no competition. Also, I love the aspect of the classes having a spiritual element yet developing body strength focus. Best yoga classes ever!" - L
  • "Karina, I just wanted to thank you once more; your classes are just wonderful...such a great treat for the body and soul!" - K

Join Karina in discovering the transformative and healing potential of yoga and meditation. Experience the magic of her teachings and nurture your body and soul through her warm and inclusive approach.

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