Immigration Agency

With over 8 years of dedicated expertise in facilitating immigration processes, Kristyna Richtrova specializes in supporting expatriates seeking to reside in the Czech Republic. Her extensive background includes assisting businesses in relocating their employees from abroad, offering comprehensive guidance throughout the entire immigration journey.

Services Offered:

  • Immigration Support A-Z: Kristyna provides comprehensive assistance, guiding individuals and organizations from the initial registration process at the Foreign Police to obtaining long-term residence permits, navigating towards permanent residency, and recently added services related to Czech citizenship.

  • HR Support: Supporting HR and companies when relocating their employees from abroad, ensuring a smooth transition and compliance with Czech immigration laws and regulations. Providing assessment when hiring those already residing in the Czech Republic on their employability and obligations connected to the change of employer.


  • Residency Permits: Proficient in obtaining various types of residency permits, including long-term permits, and providing ongoing support throughout the application process.
  • Citizenship: Recently expanded services to include guidance and support for individuals interested in acquiring Czech citizenship.

Kristyna prioritizes personalized and client-centric approaches, understanding the unique needs of each client and ensuring tailored solutions that meet their immigration objectives efficiently.

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