1. Psyche n'Body Nutrition Counseling

At Psyche n' Body, we are committed to bridging the gap between mental health and nutrition. Our mission is to provide a distinctive counseling approach that seamlessly integrates cognitive behavioral therapy with expert nutritional guidance.

2. Jenny N. Wilde - Yoga and Mindfulness Instructor

With more than two decades of personal yoga practice and over seven years of teaching experience, Jenny is committed to sharing the transformative power of mindfulness and yoga with others.

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3. Karina Bolan - Yoga and Meditation Instructor

Karina offers warm and welcoming yoga classes, open to all levels of practitioners, from beginners to advanced. She creates inclusive and personalised classes where each student feels taken care of.

4. Fit by Wendy - Online Fitness Coach and Nutritionist

Wendy is your go-to weight loss expert and online fitness coach. She has dedicated the past decade to empowering over 300+ women globally to shed weight, tone up, and regain confidence without the hassles of traditional cardio and restrictive diets.

5. Valerija Gerfanova Nutrition - Nutrition and Wellness Guidance

Valerija Gerfanova Nutrition is a dedicated hub for personalized nutrition and wellness guidance, prioritizing your health and well-being. Led by Valerija Gerfanova, a certified nutritionist and esteemed member of the Alliance of Nutritionists and Health Coaches of the Czech Republic, our practice specializes in holistic approaches rooted in nutritional psychology.

6. Kata Mathe - Low Pressure Fitness Coach 

Kata is a devoted Low Pressure Fitness coach who is dedicated to helping individuals regain pelvic floor and back health. She empowers women every day by demonstrating how training can significantly enhance overall health and create a youthful look and feel.

7. Shivangi Dave - Traditional Yoga Practitioner and Trainer

Shivangi dedicated traditional yoga practitioner and trainer, with a profound understanding of the ancient Indian yoga tradition specializing in individual and group lessons conducted in English.