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Online Fitness Coach & Nutritionist

Wendy, Fitness Coach & Nutritionist
Wendy, Fitness Coach & Nutritionist

Transform your body and mindset with Wendy, your go-to weight loss expert and online fitness coach. She has dedicated the past decade to not only sculpting her own body into a UK Bikini champion but also empowering over 300+ women globally to shed weight, tone up, and regain confidence without the hassles of traditional cardio and restrictive diets.


  1. Nutrition Advice: No more restrictive diets (keto, low carb, fasting or detoxes)—just a sustainable, enjoyable approach to fueling your body. Yes, with her program you can still have a glass of wine or a dessert to lose weight.
  2. Personalized Taining Plan: Enjoy workouts crafted specifically for your fitness level experiences and lifestyle while making sure you are getting the results you are after. No more guesswork on what to do to finally get toned. 
  3. Over 300+ Tasty & Quick Recipes: Choose from 300+ quick and tasty recipes that suits your preferences and goals in Wendy's app. You never have to guess what to cook anymore.
  4. Community of Like-Minded Ladies: Join an empowering community of women on a similar journey. Share experiences, gain support, and celebrate victories together.
  5. Educational Videos: Access informative videos that cover everything from exercise techniques to nutritional insights, enhancing your understanding of health and wellness.
  6. App for Easier Access:To make your journey easier, everything will be set for you in Wendy's app. Wendy will be your coach 24/7 in your pocket.
  7. Community VIP Events: Participate in exclusive events to connect with Wendy and fellow members so you will never feel that you are alone on your fitness journey.
  8. Building New Habits: Form healthy habits that contribute to long-term success, with Wendy guiding you every step of the way.
  9. Accountability: Whenever you feel like you lack motivation, Wendy will be there for you to keep you accountable. This way you will stay on track and you will get to your goals faster.
  10. Having Fun: Win amazing prizes through monthly challenges in Wendy's community group.

Let Wendy help you achieve the results you've been dreaming of.

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